August 06, 2017

Hello, my name is Song Wang.

I am a grad student majored in Computer Science, living in Beijing, Chengdu, New York, San Diego.

I code Javascript, Go and Python, I’m also digging Lua, Vim Script.

I love open source, and I contributed over 2,000 times last year on Github.

I play with leetcode, code wars for new languages and algorithms.

I configure and sync the dotfile for my editors, terminals, apps, macros.

I am a top 5% fastest typist in the world.

About songwang.io

This site is my blog site, primarily for sharing my ideas and works. It is the 4th version, and its predecessor was built in 2016 with Jekyll. Yet, thanks to the help from Gatsby and the React ecosystem, this version is even faster in a more progressive way and performs pretty well in the browser.


by Google’s lighthouse

I started building this site back in June 2017, when Gatsby was in the alpha versions of 1.0, and Netlify-CMS was on the road to version 1. They were pretty buggy, but I still gave them a shot.


To name a few Web technology I heavily used on this site:

  • Gatsby.js
  • React, Redux
  • GraphQL, Relay
  • PostCSS, SCSS
  • Netlify-CMS

Although I experienced with React and Webpack before, It was a tough new experience to work with the alpha version to me. I was frequently asking, reporting and fixing the problem as long as I can those days, yet still, failed uncountable times, sometimes couldn’t figure how to make things work for days. But thanks to the community from both React and Gatsby, I was able to make my site work in my preferred way before the Beta version was released. It took over three weeks which is way more than I thought at the beginning, but it was a valuable learning experience, and I am happy with both my site and my contribution to the communities.

Performance on Chrome

detail on performance


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