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Do git things by one command asynchronously

Plug 'wangsongiam/vim-git-it'




Vim git it is a plugin to simplify the git commands and makes it possible to push/commit with a message by one shortcut.

Vim and Git are my favorite tools, they both made my life a lot easier and less worrisome. But when they combined without another terminal pane, it feels a little bit verbose. The legendary vim-fugitive made my life easier, but I still found 90% of the time I simply need git add ., git commit -m, and git push. I could type them separately but seeing that I am a 20 times per day pusher, a combined and simplified for those commands seems a time saver.


The idea behind this plugin is pretty simple: combine three shell commands, take arguments and join them together as a message string and put it into the git commands flow, then bind it with a Vim shortcut.

Vim script

Before this plugin, I only use some simple Vim scripts in my Dotfiles. Learning Vim script was an exciting thing for me. For a simple logic like this, I could finish it with another language I am familiar with quickly, but Vim is something I want to check out. And as it turned out, it was not that complicated, at least for this plugin. I finished the just with a single liner code for each function or command. What surprised me is that Vim’s syntax is pretty elegant for taking arguments.

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